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“I talk about everything with the club, we are growing and we have a great goal”

2023-12-22 14:20


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“I talk about everything with the club, we are growing and we have a great goal”

On the eve of the last round of the first round and after the finishing session, Mister Lucarelli answered the daily questions in the press room

On the eve of the last round of the first round and after the finishing session, Mister Lucarelli responded to the journalists' questions in the press room: "Our attitude must change in the last twenty metres, I reviewed the match against Sorrento and considered the opportunities created, twenty-four potentially dangerous situations are many, and the errors. Reviewing it and judging it not based on the gut and based on the result, our performance was good with very important opportunities and two penalties not awarded, in particular the one in the 47th minute on Rapisarda's header, very clear but yet another one not called. Tactically the outfit is right, you have to find the way to the goal, defenders and midfielders can improve in this sense with training, it's different for the attackers. On defense? Ours is the third best defense in the group, there is something to correct but it is the department that performs well. In recent days we have tried to recover our strength, unfortunately we had two more injuries, Mazzotta and Bocic stopped: we will try to face in the best way an ambitious team that started with the underdogs, with a sporting director who I know well, with strong ownership and an important workforce. Absences must not be an alibi, we have sixteen outfield players: that's enough. The January market is particular: you risk sending away players who are trained and ready to take on others, let's take into account that the one on January 24th will be a crucial match for us. In some exceptions you can get an important player who hasn't played much but can give you a lot. For me, Catania is technically an excellent team, in training I see superior category play, in which several players expressed themselves until last year with a decent performance, a player cannot make mistakes on a technical-tactical level but you risk making mistakes if you don't know him humanly, this square is for a limited circle. Sand eels? In his career he also won promotion to Serie A, we think that, once put back on track, he could represent an opportunity: he will continue to train and if everything is in order he could be an important reinforcement. The club has set itself a goal: in three years in Serie B; within that time we will have to do it without ifs or buts, if we succeed this year better, if in the next few years equally well: we have time, we also have to grow in terms of infrastructure. The company is working hard to bring the brand back home and is willing to think about Torre del Grifo but on different and more reasonable numbers than the current ones, because 10 million are needed to reactivate it; then we need a temporary camp. We have two and a half years for the results of the pitch, I spoke about everything with the club: last year there was a loss of 3 million entirely repaid by the Pelligra family and the same was decided for this year too, we have a strong property and we must hold on to it. Three years for B and then three years for A: the club doesn't flaunt it but this is the objective. An entrepreneur then wants to see that his investments bear fruit and the fruit is Serie B. We must bring results so as not to tire a President like this, who is not just around the corner, and be aware that there is construction underway to reach the goal without ifs or buts. It didn't start in the right way but this is a year that we can straighten out in the league and in the cup. I returned to Catania to complete a journey and I will definitely succeed. We need everyone's help, results come if there is unity of purpose, criticism is right but it must be constructive and not populist, the fans have always applauded us. If you do well in Catania you can do well anywhere and no one will stop you anymore, Catania is for a few, not for everyone, but those few who win are still in the memories. I won't rest until I reach my goal here but we must all be united, this year may be difficult but it's not a finished season, the story is long and maybe whoever gets to the playoffs without having convinced... it will be a tournament part and anything can happen. Let's not remove our brick, therefore, but let's find strength and patience to carry it. The relationship with the company is excellent, there is also sharing on the strengthening of the internal structure, there is maximum availability on the market and on the structures to finish the year in a certain way, to take back our home in the future. A common goal emerges with both Pelligra and Grella, the vice president sent me a nice message after the defeat against Sorrento and I took a screenshot, then I replied that I'm sure that day will come. In football, as Allegri says, losing, i.e. not winning, is normal: 8% win, 92% of teams lose; if we were to lose I'm sure we will have learned what it takes to win. Even in anger, frustration and wrath we must be clear: it takes time, it is the story of this cursed Serie C group, once this obstacle is overcome I am convinced that it will be a sprint. We are constantly growing, we have 8 points less than we would have deserved: the result does not always do justice to the performance. I reinforce the concept: when you lose you seem uglier but when you watch the match we have different feelings. The car runs on petrol, in football you need goals."





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